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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Long blog

My New Favorite Picture!!

So we have been really busy the last couple of weeks and i feel like i am so behind. I got sick at the End of last week and it took alot of sleeping over the weekend to help. Thank God for brandon watching gavin and just letting me sleep. There was also the mass amount of flooding in Indiana. Brandon actually was off a day of school because driving on back roads was so horrible. It was great for the pond which was low from last years drought but not great for the man space. It has finally dried out. but i am finally catching up. I feel so productive.

Last week When i was talking to one of Gavin's Theripist we were talking about how he has made leaps and bounds of improvement and now he is just soaking up information. But he still struggles with his Gross moter skills. Part of it is his own frustration, he wants to be able to figure everything out and get no help (yes he got that from me). So when he doesn't get it on the first try he will throw it or hit whoever is trying to teach him. (yeah for me cause it is mostly me). So in an effort to work on the gross motor and work on colors and numbers i Dyed Pasta and have been working on putting them on string and making pasta pictures. He has not been thrilled about putting them on strings but it gets better every day. He still only likes to be right on green and blue , and the counting is improving but this is how it goes 1,3,6,7,8,9,10 haha.

My Aunt and Uncle were also her last weekend ( just when i was starting to get sick) Gavin LOVED them visiting. He would take them by the finger and tell them to play or read a story. It was great. He doesn't get to see them much at all normally when my mom and me to Minnesota to see family. So it was really Great to see them. Sorry i was didn't get to hang out with them more. ( See pictures from last post)

So Gavin Still has the "i don't want to eat new things". He has limited himself to maybe about 10 things and about 5 of those are bread/grain related. So not getting tons of variety. I got him into a Program called Feeding Friends. It is an all food based therapy. It makes kids interact with food in non eating ways to work on sensory and touching in hope to work towards the eating. He has to kiss the food, make pictures with food and then at the end actually try to eat. It is really Interesting, and Hard. any one who has met Gavin knows he has a a temper and at the first session he showed his bad side. But that also means it cant get any worse then he was haha. I can't see what the next few weeks of class will do for eating.
Playing with his food instead of eatting!

another therapist of Gavins said that i should try to cook with him more so that he gets interested. So I have been trying to let him help more. But i realized that it is easier to let him help when we do it from scratch so I am now trying to do more from scratch. It is a little overwhelming cause i am use to only baking from scratch but i am really enjoying it. (Thanks to Sarah and Linds for her blog )Now i am starting from easy stuff. I made homemade apple sauce 2 weeks ago and got really excited when i successfully canned them. Today I made Hot sauce ( bailey family recipe) and tomato sauce and successfully canned that to. Gavin also helped me make pumpkin muffins ( or mermans in Gavin talk) HE loved helping . I never realized how excited i would get over it. I also am realizing that it is healthier to.

We also have Started Gavin on Potty training and it is going AWESOME! I held off cause i thought that Gavin was going to be the worst! I was so wrong. He has peed on the potty every time. He is also so proud of him self. I am so happy!! Thanks Sarah D. For the advice it is great!
Sorry it was a long one!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Busy week!

Now that i have a computer back i am once again a picture Nazi as Brandon calls it. well my mom wants me to post some pictures. So more to come later!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I am finally back to the internet and computers. My computer decided to get a virus and hate it self and it took me almost a year to get it back but i am back yeah!!!!!!!!!!

Well Gavin is 2 1/2 now and talking up a storm. He is still slightly delayed but he is catching up. He has been cleared to eat real food ( food everybody normally eats at his age) but he has decided that he is two and he doesn't want to try much of anything. Because of this he still eats jars of baby food to get his meats in. He loves bananas, and strawberry (only at grandmas house, meany) and yogurt is a staple in this house with him. We also have a huge love for COOKIES..... figures. So it is a work in progress. He is still getting breathing treatment but less often. We wont know about the asthma untill around 4. He is a happy little boy!

Brandon is doing ok... He found out that he needs another surgery and as of right now we are getting a second opinion. No fun. School is going well. and the house is getting a little more finished all the time. It is finally starting to be a real forever home. I am doing well just kinda sick of being in the house and can't wait for the weather to improve.

And here is gavin danceing!!! Just make sure you wait till it gets good....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer fun!!!

Brandon is back in school and Gavin and I are having a blast learning and enjoying the nice weather ( at least when it is not humid). We have been going to the park every morning after we drop brandon off at school. It is so peaceful, and quite. Gavin has the run of the whole park cause it is early. We love it. we also went to the Children's Muesum last week. There was a guitars and cars exibit and he loved it. He walked up to every car and said "car" he was so proud of him self.

We went to the State fair with Jordan, Jenni, Ben and emma. we had a blast. The kids got to be farmers, and pet/feed animals, and play at the fish pond. We had so much fun and the kids just love playing together.

Gavin and his Swallow study

Gavin had a swallow study last tues. We were hopeing it would tell us if he could eat more solid food and not have to thicken his drinks. But Gavin had a different plan altogether. We only Got a few swallows of liquid before he realized that it tasted like crap and then threw a fit. He started thrashing and it really was a waste of time. So we are still where we left off. But what they did see from the study was that he is still asperating liquid. So we are still on a waiting game

Thursday, August 5, 2010


The Colts tranning camp is in anderson for the Next couple weeks. Brandon's Cousin Hollie and I have been going to the camp. We have had a blast!!! We have Gotten Autographs from Peyton Manning, Jeff Saturday, Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne ,Coach Caldwell, Jamie Silva, Devon Moore and Antoine Bethea. We have had a Blast!!! Gavin Went one day and He loved watching them throw the ball. Every time he would see it in the air he would be like "ball" "ball" It was so much fun. I talked to clark and got Brandon's Jersey signed and told him that i was doing this for my husband becase he had surgery and He asked what type and then said that brandon needs to stick to therpy! It was great!!!
Jeff Saturday
Coach Caldwell
Gavin Zadia and Blue
Reggie Wayne
Peyton Manning
Gavin Having fun

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brandon Surgery! Gavin and the great outdoors!

Brandon Had surgery on Tues. He did really great! He had two pins put in his ankle. It only took about 45 min. He came out and was joking around about bungee jumping ( much to my not liking this) and went home about 45 min after surgery. He had a nerve block so he didn't feel his foot for the first 24 hrs so other then the big cast on his leg you would have never guessed he had surgery. He is doing well now but is bored out of his mind and hates crutches. Gavin had the fun part of surgery he got to go to the Children's Museum with Ben and emma! Thanks again you guys!
Gavin for his birthday got a sand box and we finally got sand for it! He has been having a great time in it. He loves the new back yard and all the running around he can do. He is doing great in therapy for the most part. He is getting a speech therapist on Tues.. He is saying a few words now.. Up, Car, Ball, Cat, outside. We are working on more everyday!! He has a swallow study comingup in Aug. so that we can see if his swallowing has changed since the tonsils came out. So we are just praying that maybe he can eat big boy food!!!

We also went to Haley's 2nd birthday today! We had a lot of fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALEY!!!